Welcome to Women of Faithful Purpose!

We are a networking and growth community for Jesus-loving women called into enterepreneurship as part of their Kingdom purpose. Our missions are to 1) support God’s daughters as they build, grow, and scale their Spirit-led, aligned, and profitable businesses, and 2) to foster connections and collaboration between our members. Our community and missions are founded on the beliefs that:

  • We have access to the wisdom, creativity and strategies of Heaven for the business the Lord has called us to. The Lord desires and invites us to cultivate an intimate partnership and vibrant two-way communication with him in our entrepreneurial journey, just as he does in every other area of our lives. 
  • We grow exponentially in community! As the Body of Christ, we each have unique gifts, talents, skills, interests, personalities, etc. and God designed us to fill in each others’ gaps & weaknesses with our strengths…creating a beautiful, and stronger, whole. As a group of Kingdom entrepreneurs within the Body, we are meant to function in this same way through our businesses via collaboration, doing business with each other, promoting each other and supporting each other in community. The result of this is MASSIVE IMPACT in the marketplace, as well as in hearts and lives, for the Kingdom!

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Join other Jesus-loving, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs in our free Facebook group for:

  • Encouragement in your faith and help shifting mindsets that might be keeping you from showing up fully for the business the Lord called (or is calling) you to!
  • Topics of productivity, management, operations, branding and marketing, etc. in your business, and how you can make sure that what you choose is aligned with Kingdom principles that help you steward all the pieces of your Spirit-led business well and move the needle forward in growing a prosperous business!
  • Networking & connections with other members – you might meet a new business bestie or form awesome collaborations! As we come together and bring our strengths to the table, our impact is able to compound exponentially!

Uplevel your productivity & progress!

Band together with other Jesus-loving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to move the needle forward in your business in our monthly We>me Accountability group! Each month includes 2 accountability meet-ups, 2 co-working sessions, 1 Reflect & Project (goal setting) session,  and a private group chat. Click the big pink button to learn more.

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To help connect women with the heart of God and the Truth found in his Word – his thoughts about and towards them – we have created a few products we feel will be a blessing.

OUR 30 DAY DEVOTIONAL, co-authored by five of our original founding members and released just before Christmas last year, is the first volume in what we plan to be an annual project to amplify the message that God has given his daughters who are part of our community. Each volume will be different as we grow, and new voices are added!

OUR SET OF 22 SCRIPTURE & AFFIRMATION CARDS feature original nature photography, as well as powerfully encouraging scriptures paired with an affirmation based on each scripture on the back of the cards.

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Meet our founder - Amy D. Neumann!

Hi, I’m Amy! I am wife to a real rocket scientist and work from home mom to four awesome kids from elementary through post high school. I’m also a book lover, a coffee & dark chocolate snob, and a bit of a nerd…as well as an at-home worship dancer, an amateur nature photographer, a digital creator, an author, a teacher and coach, and a business owner.

I have a whole lot of ANDs and carry many roles in life, as I’m sure you do also! Sometimes we feel like the ANDs stretch us to our limits, don’t we? However, God is LIMITLESS! He is all about the AND, and when we learn to hear him more effectively and align our mindsets with his Truth, we learn to live and flow with grace in a beautiful partnership that allows us to find joy and purpose in the ANDs that he has designed us for!

I knew early on that I was called to entrepreneurship, and I always wanted to please God through my work. However, my whole life shifted when I caught the revelation from God that he didn’t really want me to work FOR him, and instead would love for me to work WITH him. In fact, in his eyes my life and business were not two separate things at all. It was all one, all part of my purpose, and he wanted to have conversations with me and partner in all of it together WITH me! It was an invitation into an amazing journey and totally shifted the way I approach business!

I am passionate about helping Christian women lay a strong foundation of dynamic partnership with God, find clarity and confidence in their purpose,  and then step into Spirit-led, aligned, and profitable entrepreneurship with the Lord to impact the marketplace, and the world, for the Kingdom in their own unique way!

I would love to get to know you, and support you in your entrepreneurial journey! Join us in the Women of Faithful Purpose community on Facebook HERE, or connect with me on my FB profile HERE.