Welcome to Women of Faithful Purpose!

We are a networking and growth community, as well as a promotional platform for Christian women in business and ministry (and those looking for support to step into their purpose). We serve women who seek to connect more deeply with God and to live out the life of Kingdom purpose and impact he has called them to. At the heart of our missions and vision are the concepts that we are stronger together, and that we rise by lifting others

The Missions of Women of Faithful Purpose are to:

  • CONNECT Christian women in business and ministry in a vast, supportive, interconnected Kingdom-wide NETWORK 
  • AMPLIFY the unique message the Lord has given to each of his daughters & PROMOTE the Kingdom purpose of our members

Let's finish 2023 strong - together!!

For entrepreneurs the last few months of the year are often a mix of really wanting to finish out strong in our business, and also being pulled by all the extra things that begin to crowd our schedules (fall festivals, school activities, holiday events, family get-togethers, etc.). We believe strongly in the power of community and want to invite you to join our accountability group for November and December, where you will join other women partnering with God in their business/ministry who are determined to continue to make positive progress in their goals through the end of 2023!! Participation is absolutely free, but you must register to join us (click the pink button below to learn more & register). This accountability group will include:

  • Meet-ups on Zoom to set goals and check in with each other on progress made, as well as talk through any hang-ups or set-backs and encourage each other. (Replays available.)
  • Co-working sessions on Zoom to GET STUFF DONE – together!
  • Private group chat in Messenger for participants to share regular progress updates, request prayer, share tips & tricks, and cheer each other on.
  • An opportunity to be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift card!!

We hope you’ll join us to finish the year strong – TOGETHER!

Download the HALLOWED Bible Study!

As women entrepreneurs we have SO MUCH happening in December between running our businesses and also taking care of the tasks that go along with all the other roles we fill in life!! HALLOWED means set apart, made holy, exalted. Download this Bible study on the names, titles, and roles of Jesus…and keep King Jesus enthroned in your heart and mind this season, despite all the busy happening all around you!

Our New Social Community Platform is HERE!!!

(Along with some exciting marketing options for those in business/ministry!)

We are so excited to be bringing the Women of Faithful Purpose Community to you here on our website!! Our social-media type community is a place for Christian women who are purpose driven and growth minded, that is free from the algorithms and pesky oversight of popular platforms. A community where you can truly connect with others who are also walking out their own purpose in partnership with God, where you can stay encouraged in your faith, and discuss topics of life and business/ministry that are important to you. A place where you can network and make connections, both personally and professionally.  Inside the membership community, you will find things feel very similar to the platforms you may already be familiar with – where you are able to create a profile, post, share photos, comment, join groups, message privately, etc.

In addition to providing a strong community for growth and networking, we are also excited to bring Christian women in business or ministry several helpful marketing options on our website that offer both exposure to those who are part of the Women of Faithful Purpose audience, and an additional platform from which to have an online presence!

We truly believe that God created us to thrive and grow in community with other believers, and we look forward to the growth that will happen for each of us here, personally and professionally, as we connect and collaborate with each other! 

Visit our store!

To help connect women with the heart of God and the Truth found in his Word – his thoughts about and towards them – we have created a few products we feel will be a blessing.

OUR 30 DAY DEVOTIONAL, co-authored by five of our original founding members and released just before Christmas last year, is the first volume in what we plan to be an annual project to amplify the message that God has given his daughters who are part of our community. Each volume will be different as we grow, and new voices are added!

OUR SET OF 22 SCRIPTURE & AFFIRMATION CARDS feature original nature photography, as well as powerfully encouraging scriptures paired with an affirmation based on each scripture on the back of the cards.

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Join our newsletter list now & receive 20 beautiful digital scripture cards, perfectly sized for your phone so you can keep God’s Truth about who you are in him in front of you throughout your day! 

Are you a Christian woman in business/ministry interested in sharing your faith story in an interview?

We love to spread the hope & love of Jesus like wildfire, and to encourage women in learning to partner with him in all areas of their lives, and in discovery of their Kingdom purpose. One of the ways we seek to fulfill that mission is to share the real-life stories of women who have walked with God in faith through powerful transformations and breakthroughs, and who have stepped out in partnership with God for the mission & purpose he’s called them to.

If you’re interested in participating in an interview on our platforms to encourage other Christian women in this way, please click the button below and fill out our interview interest form. We’d love to connect with you to see if we’d be a good fit for each other!

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