Felicia Uhm

Felicia Uhm

Business Coach for Christianpreneurs


Felicia is on a mission to help other Christianpreneurs like herself to build successful businesses while growing a strong foundation in their faith and relationship with God. Christianpreneurs put their businesses into God’s Business and align their best business practices to carry out His Kingdom purposes.

Felicia truly believes that you can serve God with business as the platform and therefore live out God’s purposes for your life as you work. Felicia is known for her intuitiveness and keen discernment to spot small cracks in the foundation of what you’re building before they become bigger problems. Her signature approach to identify, assess, and strategize can help you align your vision, activate your mission for your business and accelerate you into the leadership potential that God’s designed you to live.

One of Felicia’s gifts is when she receives and delivers the one word in her customized 1-on-1 coaching sessions for you. Through her assessment process, she intuitively receives one word meant for you and only you. Upon deliver and the degree of your openness you will likely  feel vulnerable and enlightened. Yet, this is when the deep work of transformation begins. This is when you find and live out your unique shine.


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