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Women of Faithful Purpose is a proud sponsor of the Healing in the Kingdom 2023 conference! 

Women of Faithful Purpose exists to connect women with the heart of God, to empower them to step boldly into their Kingdom purpose, and to amplify the special message God has given them to share with the world. We serve Christian women in business and ministry as a Christ centered, growth minded networking community and also as a platform with unique marketing options to help increase reach. We would love to connect with you! Scroll down to sign up for our newsletter & receive a PDF copy of DIVERTED!: a Bible study about distraction.

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Our 30 day devotional is available on Amazon! Brought to you by the original founders of the Women of Faithful Purpose community, this devotional seeks to encourage women in development of a genuine two-way relationship with God, in learning to partner with him in all areas of their lives, and in discovery of their Kingdom purpose. Click the button below to go to the Amazon listing.

Have you loved God all your life, but wish you felt a truly intimate relationship and communication with him? Have you attempted change in your life, but keep finding yourself falling back again into the same patterns you hoped to break free from? Or perhaps you feel completely ready for the next level in your business (or to finally start the one you’ve been dreaming about), but seem to be blocked or stalled from progress?

The key to breakthrough in each of these areas lies in aligning your thoughts, your mindset, with the mind of God! Join coach Amy D. Neumann for the Kingdom Mindset Transformation eight week course and group coaching program, where we will:

  • Learn effective daily mind-renewing practices
  • Learn and practice different ways to hear from God
  • Learn to recognize four Kingdom mindsets, as well as their worldly counterparts that the enemy most often utilizes to keep us stuck
  • Learn how to shift your mindset when you recognize the enemy’s lies
  • Begin to connect with your unique identity and Kingdom purpose
  • Receive accountability, feedback and coaching throughout the course!
 Click the button below to learn more and to register for the Kingdom Mindset Transformation course and group coaching program. Any questions may be directed to many.hatted.amy@gmail.com

Register by May 20th to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and save 25% off retail registration cost!!

Have you felt distracted from God's best for you?

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