Statement of Faith

Women of Faithful Purpose
Statement of Faith

Within the “Big C” Church (the worldwide body of diverse Christian believers which make up the bride of Christ) we recognize that there are many opportunities for misunderstanding, disagreement, and the like. We know that our enemy DELIGHTS in utilizing these opportunities to drive us apart, while God’s desire is that we come together. Women of Faithful Purpose first and foremost refuses to contribute to the enemy’s schemes against Jesus’ bride. We do not align with any particular denomination, political party, etc. and will not promote them, but will instead encourage each believer to seek God in all things. However, we do recognize the desire that people have to know more about our faith stance for the purposes of deciding whether they would like to align with us – so we will say that we emphatically believe the following:

  • That the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and that it is each person’s privilege and duty to study it for themselves so that they might know firsthand what God wants to say to them.
  • That God exists as a triune being – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – all at once and all the time, yet each distinct from the others.
  • That God created all there is – whatever method He used, or timeframe He orchestrated the creation of the world in is not a matter that is core to our salvation nor to the message we have been tasked to share here at Women of Faithful Purpose.
  • That God loves every human (whether or not they love Him back), that He wants to have a two-way relationship with each person, and that we can each learn to hear from Him.
  • That God, the Father, is not a scolding old man in the sky looking down on humankind and shaking his finger at us, or preparing to toss lightning bolts at us. He is the perfect loving father, and also holy. He created us with free will and does not force us into relationship with Him – we are kept distant by our own choices (and are free to do so).
  • That God, the Holy Spirit, is continually reaching out to humanity to show us the beauty of God’s works, to inspire faith, to draw us to God, to communicate Jesus’ love…but also to act in our lives and in the world with the same miraculous power we read about in the Bible.
  • That God, the Son (Jesus), came to Earth to be born as a human (yet still fully God); that he lived among us for a time to share about the true nature of God and his Kingdom; that he willingly allowed himself to be crucified to satisfy the debt of humanity’s sins, and then defeated death by being raised and returned to life through the power of the Holy Spirit. This has freed those who call him Lord from the eternal consequences of sin and ushers them into a fresh and dynamic relationship with God in this life, through grace, if they are willing to tap into it. Because of his sacrifice, those who look to him as Lord become heirs to God’s Kingdom and enjoy a place in his family.
  • That Jesus has given each of us the tasks of: 1) Loving God with everything we are and do, 2) Loving others and acting on Earth as the hands, feet, voice, heart and Light of God, and 3) Living and working in community within the Body of Christ to impact the world for the Kingdom in the specific ways God has given each of us.